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This HRMAC signature event features two programs designed to provide research-based data on emerging trends and insights from C-suite executives representing various industries. Thought leaders will share expertise and solutions on important human capital issues that impact business success through presentations and a lively panel discussion. Join us for one (or both!) of our 2020 Leadership Forum sessions. 

Registration for the 2020 Leadership Forum is open. Availability is limited – secure your spot now.


Company Purpose: The Journey to Develop Sustainable Human Capital | April 16, 2020 

Speaker/Moderator: John Bremen, Managing Director, Human Capital & Benefits, and Global Head of Thought Leadership and Innovation, Willis Towers Watson

A recent statement by Business Roundtable shared that nearly 200 CEOs declared shareholder value creation is no longer a corporation’s sole purpose. Is your organization’s purpose compelling for employees and other stakeholders? Willis Towers Watson will present cutting edge research demonstrating that purpose driven organizations realize superior results. This interactive session will equip HR professionals to position sustainable human capital as a key aspect of their business strategy. Join us for a research-based presentation by John Bremen, Managing Director, Human Capital & Benefits, and Global Head of Thought Leadership and Innovation for Willis Towers Watson and a panel discussion of C-Suite executives who will share their experiences to help you jump start your organization’s journey towards exceptional performance via intentionality on Human Capital.

As an attendee, you will:

  • Dive into cutting-edge research on how sustainable human capital is helping organizations improve your overall wellbeing, engagement and productivity of talent.
  • Learn how to track your organization’s progress toward a superior talent experience and operational excellence through the use of sustainable human capital measures.
  • Return to work with tangible next steps in developing your organization’s roadmap to developing sustainable human capital.

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Transformation: Powering Change, Evolving the Culture | June 11, 2020 

Speaker/Moderator: Michael Haid, Managing Director, Lee Hecht Harrison

According to new research from Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH), more than half of organizations surveyed report that culture is the single biggest barrier to a successful transformation. The digital revolution has been a major driver of business transformation, revolutionizing the world of work, transforming what we do and how we do it, while changing what consumers want and how they want it. Organizations need to constantly redesign their business models, strategic plans and workforce characteristics to keep pace with the ever-changing demands of the marketplace. Given the strategic importance of a successful transformation, a critical question for leaders to ask is: how do you ensure your workforce is demonstrating the behaviors that drive successful transformation initiatives? Join us for a research-based presentation by Michael Haid, Managing Director for LHH’s US Talent Development Practice, to see this new data and learn about the steps you can take to define your current culture and be intentional about what you want it to look like in the future. Hear about real life experiences from great companies known for their work around transformation and culture. Panelists include C-suite leaders from GE Healthcare, Kraft Heinz, Horizon Pharmaceutical and Coyote Logistics.

As an attendee, you will:

  • Learn the key cultural characteristics that are common to organizations that have achieved successful transformation.
  • Tackle the fundamental steps to changing a flawed culture.
  • Understand how to empower leaders who will take responsibility.

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Check back often for program information to come. Panelists for each program will soon be announced.